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    Regarding Dust of Disappearance

    I'm going to throw this thread up while I dig a little.

    In short, I had a friend create a batch of for me since my Scribe is still 65. I was preparing to list it this morning so I checked TUJ. TUJ told me that there was no competition after multiple scans/updates.

    I logged into RAH to post the items and there was most definitely competition. Seven pages worth. Granted, in this specific case, I was able to list at a slight premium since I changed my stack sizes; but I digress. I haven't seen something like this occur in a while, where TUJ says I have an open market but there is competition when I check "Live."

    Like I said, it kept saying no competition, but the listings do not appear to be recent in any form. They are listed by multiple sellers as well.

    I can only assume that because this is both a vendor item and a crafted item that it sits in some sort of grey area in TUJ's software (not faulting you, just a fact of life with this stuff).

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    Yea, once someone mentioned it, the competition on it skyrocketed for me, maybe it'll slow down after all the FotM goblins move on.

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    Dust of Disappearance is miscategorized by, and shows up in no category in the auction house (although it does show up when you specify "all" categories). I'll mention it on their bug report forum.

    Dust of Disappearance on If you go up one or two levels in the breadcrumbs by clicking the "Reagent" link, Dust of Disappearance isn't in the list (and for some reason, it shows two items in the list of 3 results).

    Search for Dust of Disappearance on the Auction House (Alliance, Horde) and you'll probably get results. Pick its category (Alliance, Horde) and it doesn't show up anymore.

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