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    I Fear I Have Been IP Banned

    Over the past week or so I have been creating a massive spreadsheet of hundreds of items and their prices to buy and sell for by using I have been mostly interested in the graphs and the overall server average numbers. I have been doing this all by hand and working many hours per day. The site has been a amazing resource for me. I am probably 2/3rds the way through my research and was planning to make a generous donation to the site for all the data it provides me. I had to solve many captchas, which is fine, however, it appears I now have a ban on my IP address. Is there a limit on queries made per week that I may have passed? Is there a way that I can get unbanned? I have no idea the monetary value of the bandwidth I may have consumed, if the admin sees my excessive use as a problem, I am willing to discuss compensation being paid by me to get my IP unlocked again. Please help! I love this site!

  2. #2 is my IP just in case you wanted to browse my use (assuming the dev sees this).
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    I believe its 5 in a 24 hour period is your limit. Assuming you hit this it should unlock in 24hrs. I am sure Erorus can give you more detail though.
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    I don't think you were banned. Was probably a temporary issue between your ISP and our server.

    FWIW, the bandwidth isn't much.. about 60MB since the start of the month. You're the second-highest in bandwidth use per IP so far this month, but in the grand scheme of things it isn't a lot (about 0.02% of my allotment for the month).

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    Thanks for the quick and courteous replies! After no access the past 6-7hrs, I checked after reading this reply and the site loaded for me once again. I am relieved. UJ is one of a kind and awesome!



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