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    Noob Question

    I apologize if this is ask/answered somehere else in the thread, but I couldn't find it. When I look at the posting schedule, are the times noted server times, local times or even TUJ times?


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    I am 99% sure it's not server time. I just looked at data for Area 52 (Eastern) and it shows a gap in post on Tuesday that doesn't match what the downtime would be on the East coast. So, it could be your time or it could be TUJ time (if TUJ is in my time zone). I suspect that it is based on your local time. If you look at the most recent scan time, is it close (within the last 45 minutes) or does it reflect a time zone difference?

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    If you mean the heat maps, they're based on your local time zone as reported by your browser. In case you're not sure, look for the block that's slightly off color (should have a red tint). That's "when" it thinks it is right now. If that's wrong, check the time zone settings on your PC.

    Internally, TUJ works on UTC time. Everywhere I can, I report times as "XX minutes ago" instead of an absolute time, since that's pretty clear and doesn't require time zone nastiness. The heat maps are based on all times of day, so they go by your time zone.

    I can convert times to server time if I wanted, but there are so many players that don't play on a server in their time zone, that I thought it pretty useless.

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    I like the way it is now based on local time. Also thanks for clarifying what that pink square was I never did know.
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    I knew what the pink square was and it didn't even occur to me to mention it.

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    Thanks for the responses, local time it is.



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