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Thread: Arbitrage page

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    Arbitrage page

    From Erorus' dev blog:

    Arbitrage Stats - just a simple page where you pick two realms, and it will list commodities and their average prices/stddev for both. You can use it to examine alliance vs horde on the same realm, or pick two different realms for moving your toon from one side to another and keeping your liquid gold under the 20k transfer gold cap. It will look a bit like the category page but some bits taken out and others rearranged. I was thinking of just listing raw materials, like cloth, cata ore, cata herbs, cata enchanting mats.. any other suggestions?
    I have some ideas!

    Having a standard page with some set things on it is great, but one thing that I would love is the option to select an item or items. Here are some different possible approaches:

    1) An arbitrage list that I could build up similar to the alerts list. This is probably the most difficult approach from your perspective, however. I also suspect that it could be a serious performance issue based on things you've described before.

    2) The ability to build a list through the query string, similar to what you did with the seller(s) page and comma delimiting. This would be less of a performance issue because you'd be limited to just a few items (or it could have a hard limit of course).

    3) A search box (or item ID entry box) on the "arbitrage page" you are creating. Then I could at least search one at a time for the items I'm wanting to transfer.

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    I knew that others would have some great Arbitrage ideas, since that's not really a strategy I'm familiar with using. By all means, share any suggestions that you think would help with cross-realm/cross-faction comparisons.

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    Not a x vs Y but slightly related
    I would like to enter "transactions" - a series of items with positive and negative amounts. ( Philosophically, I prefer RESTful URLS with he data in the query string)
    +15,Hynotic Dust
    +6,lesser celestial essence
    -10,jewel settings

    I have two uses for this:
    1) is to see what is profitable to produce on my realm (a nice online version of TSM)
    I love, love, love pages like

    2) most importantly, to call shenanigans on forum posters.
    I am used to seeing a post about I have this great idea to make X. And then someone, usually I, post that this is not profitable on my realm, And then someone else posts ...

    The spectacular thing is that inside TUJ is the info to resolve this.
    I.e., people post that they D/E alicite pendants and it has been quite a while since that has been profitable on my realm. But it would be so wonderful, in stead of all this "on my realm..." to have TUJ compute that this "transaction" has a range of -10 to +15 gold, with an average of 2g and 64% of the realms are profitable. That might not make gold forum discussions more civil but it would certainly interject far more facts and numbers into the conversation. Perhaps authors might even double check their idea before posting it.



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