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    If posted elsewhere, I apologize. I'd like to see a mobile TUJ setup. I cannot get to it at work anymore due to the filtering system that is used. Even this may be cutoff at any time... But, they can't cut my cell off!! The charts, etc. could be links to reduce the page size and kb size. An app for Blackberry, Iphone, etc. would be even better! Thanks for all the hard work!
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    I prefer writing web apps, which work on desktops and mobile devices, instead of having to write separate code for each platform.

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    But you can run a mobile web browser on your phone... no?

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    I often use my Iphone to look at TUJ. Unfortnately the layout doesnt lend itself to the small screen size. Also, none of the graphs show up on my Iphone. The data does but no graphs about price avalibility. A web app would be GREAT, if it shows the graphs.



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