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    How to avoid Neutral AH sniping

    I find the Undermine Journal to be a wonderful tool and am glad to see it back up and running, but sadly it is being turned against me.

    I have been struggling with many people using TUJ notifications + the mobile AH to snipe my auctions, as I move bulk ore/herbs through the neutral ah (250+ stacks a day) and am constantly resupplying my stock of enchanting mats, glyphs, etc. as well.

    My question is, what if anything can I do about this? I'm not entirely familiar with the notification feature, but is there any way in which I can list my goods and hopefully not be sniped before I move them through. I use two accounts, so I only leave 3-5 seconds of up time on average. Scouting out the neutral AH's for potential problems ahead of time just isn't an option anymore. At any waking hour or moment of the day, somebody could be waiting on there smart-phone to rob me blind.

    What if any forms of recourse do I have? How do I fight the highway robbery? Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Assuming you have plenty of cash on both characters, list the items on the neutral auction house for a high enough price that it's not worth it to snipe it. I imagine that would hurt you in neutral AH fees though?

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    I would lose 15% of the listing fee per item, i.e. a sale of a 10g stack of ore would run 1.5g. In addition, 10g doesnt stop someone from sniping a stack, rather it just means I could lose the ore and cash. That means I'd have to list things at there actual value to really avoid this, and that would run me thousands of gold daily.

    I suppose some questions are in order so I have a better understanding of what I'm fighting.

    1) If an item is listed on any AH, how is a notification sent? Does someone have to view the auction house and upload the data in any manner, or are AH's being crawled without someone in game having had to view it?

    2) Can people set global notifications of any item hitting x value? Or would they have to set notifications for each individual item and a value attached to it?

    I don't have a full understanding of the TUJ's functionality, but I guess I'm asking to hopefully find a weakness in the armor if you will, and a way to exploit people using the feature for sniping purposes.
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    You should probably read TUJ's developer blog, the sniping you're encountering has nothing at all to do with TUJ.
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    I'm not 100% certain, but I wouldn't think TUJ is being used for something like this. TUJ scans randomly, usually around an hour apart or more. If you look at a high volume fast moving item you can see it's finding sales at different intervals:

    I use TUJ to snipe low priced rare patterns on my own AH, and usually even if I check the notification immediately it says the item was listed minutes ago at the least.

    A more likely scenario, in my opinion, would be they have the RAH open and are refreshing the Neutral AH looking for the lowest priced items. You could always try overflowing it with the cheapest stuff you can find at 1c then put your items in for 10c or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WorldWarMe View Post
    people using TUJ notifications + the mobile AH to snipe my auctions
    Quote Originally Posted by WorldWarMe View Post
    I use two accounts, so I only leave 3-5 seconds of up time on average.
    Please post a sample timeline that would support both of these statements. I'm curious as to how you think market notifications are related to your problem.

    The Undermine Journal scans every auction house about once every 50 minutes.

    Quote Originally Posted by WorldWarMe View Post
    At any waking hour or moment of the day, somebody could be waiting on there smart-phone to rob me blind.
    They don't need The Undermine Journal for that. Pop open your smartphone, open your neutral auction house, sort by increasing price. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh...

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    Interesting and thanks for the information. I do apologize for "blaming" TUJ at all, I was just unsure how they would be able to use the remote auction house to snipe without some sort of 'scouting' program if you will to know when I'm listing. As I'm not well versed in the functionality of TUJ, I suppose I made an assumption that I could have avoided by reading the FAQ. My apologies for my ignorance.

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    I have noticed a long delay for things to show up on the RAH. I tend to see auctions in game about 5-10 seconds quicker than on RAH. Unless there is something I'm missing, it seems like there should be no way for someone on RAH to beat someone who is online.

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    I recommend you use both characters to do a /who of all three neutral AH towns before attempting to move your items. I think it's more likely someone is botting the AH from within the game. I have been using the Remote AH and TUJ together for a month now (RAH for 3 months) and there is definitely a delay for both.

    If you are able to, recruit people from the opposite faction to kill off any bots you notice before you attempt to move items; or at least take notice of people who are in those towns most times you perform your /who check.

    The other option is to attempt to change your posting times, but it sounds like you've tried that already.

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    Transferring goods cross faction is often an exercise in paranoia, especially when either the volume or the value is significant. I got the distinct impression that the OP was concerned that his neutral ah activity was being monitored and recorded on TUJ in detail...perhaps leading to him being victimized by those who scan TUJ for posting patterns.

    I move a lot of goods both ways throughout the course of the week. However a quick check on TUJ shows my characters only posting infrquently and in small quantities.

    The basic ways to reduce your risks are to raise the listed values to thwart the 1s bots. Any money paid in extra ah fees should be viewed as a form of "delivery insurance." On very important transfers where you simply can't afford to risk the item's loss, post it for full value. It's overkill but if reduces your stress level, it can be worth it. It's better to lose 15% of an item's value than 100%.

    It also helps to break up large transfers into several smaller ones. If you have 20 stacks to move, don't post them all at once but do it in batches of 4-5.

    If you use Auctioneer or another addon that has a similar feature, set up the "Easy Buyout" function so you can make rapid purchases with single clicks. (Be sure to adjust the maximum gold-per-purchase so you don't wind up accidentally buying overpriced goods when you're shopping in the regular ah.)

    Finally, don't be predicatable. Don't do all your transferring on the same day(s) of the week at the same time.
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