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    Cataclysm Bug with Epic/Rare Armors costs - all profs

    Hey, just something I think it's wrong since yesterday or wednesday.

    The costs to make every 346 and 359 items for all the profs are the same to the Current AH price on each professions tab.
    (Under "Enhancements" or ("Consumables" - for engineering) on every table for rare or epic itens(except PVP) the columns "Mats" and Price are showing the same number.

    But when you search or even click on the item link, we can check the "Compenent parts" there and it shows the right costs.

    Maybe just a reference error ?

    Hope I'm helping and not disturbing you.


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    You're not a bother.

    Those items require s. Chaos Orbs don't have a price, because they are BoP. Since we can't get a full mats price for items that can only be made with Chaos Orbs, their mats price is equal to their market price.

    I originally had them at 0 copper, but thought that hid the true cost of production.. so now they have a null price, which displays them as "(Unknown Amount)". Should I set them back to 0 copper? Or some other price?

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    Yep, that's the real deal. Maybe restart it to zero copper and a warning ? Could be an * or something, meaning "if you're the crafter you'll need chaos orb or if you're going to buy it from someone keep in mind they may charge you for chaos orbs".

    That's how it works on my server.

    And the "buyable" mats cost is a real important info imho. Since I have few Gatherer profs but all Craftable on my toons.

    p.s: You don't accept PM, how is it possible to contact you Erorus ? Few ideas in mind. If you have some time

    Thanks, later.

    Edit: don't know why My avatar and name are not showing, but it was me: Wittmaack
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