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    Cataclysm [Milling] and [Prospecting] - Ink, Gems and more

    To sum it up, 2 question, then a short explanation.
    Why don't we have a [Milling] tab uder "Consumables"?
    Why don't we have a [Prospecting] tab under "Consumables"?

    I know both aren't professions, but sub-skills.
    And I know milling is about chances on some herbs, as it is with Gems (although you can mine them as well). I say forget about that, but there's a lot of them for sale on the AH. And we buy them a lot.

    So it will be really worth having a tab with all the Ink prices and quantities like all the other professions. And graphs and all.
    Where to put: Under "Consumables", along with "Herbalism" or "Inscription"

    Same question applies to JewelCrafting, more specificly about gems.
    And for the existing JC page: I'd love to see a page with the info above with the other professions' format. And we don't have on the page the Necklaces and Rings we can make with JC.

    Where to put: Under "Consumables", along with "Jewelcrafting" on a page following others' format.

    Would be awesome, it's a pain to search for specific items when you want something that you can get through milling or prospecting.

    Hope I didn't sound like a "I want it all easy" guy, but that's what I missed when searching professions there.

    By the way, thanks a lot for the great site and tool you provide. Best tool ever.
    I'll test the add-on as soon as I can.
    Thanks a lot again and please, give my post a thought

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    Your post is a bit all over the place, but I'll try my best to respond.

    Milling is used in Inscription. Typically, scribes will buy herbs, mill into pigments, craft inks, then craft the end product. Pigments and Inks are typically not bought and sold on the AH. That's why there's no Milling page.. why report upon the prices of pigments or inks when there is no market for them? If you're interested in the prices of herbs, visit the Herbalism page.

    "Ah," you say, "but perhaps I want to know the cost to make those inks, given the cost of herbs." I agree, that would be useful. However, the odds for what each herb can be milled into are not anywhere in the game files. I can't datamine those; they're set on the game server. I'd like to get those odds from what Wowhead observed, but Wowhead does not report them in a meaningful way.

    Jewelcrafting: Same goes for getting gems from prospecting. I have that table at the bottom of the page for prospecting value, and I intend to grab the values for Cataclysm ore from the OreCrusher addon soon.

    I could definitely add the Cata rings/necks or whatever else is made on there. I didn't think of those when I brought the site back.

    I'd also like to do something with disenchanting.. perhaps show some available Uncommon weapons/armor that would probably be worth buying to resell the dust/essence for a better price.. but I don't have those odds handy. I'm fairly certain I can get them in a workable format from one of the many disenchanting predictor addons.. just haven't gotten to it yet. Also, nobody's asked for it, so it's on the back burner.

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    Thank you for your quick answer

    I understood all your points, very well explained. But I'll hold my ground and have to say that as of today we can buy a lot of Inks on the AH. Inferno Ink mostly. Burning Embers etc. And they give good margins. If you're a Scribe or not. You can check if you can get enough mats and the price of them for the item you want etc.

    And I thought now, that you don't have the glyphs too, but it will be a very long list, so....this may not be a good idea.

    I know there are statistics involved, but then again, I mentioned it and imo "forget about them" and we'll have AH prices for those, so we can think of costs and all the other stuff. And a farther project will be the hard work on statistics.

    The same applies for JC.

    To sum it up again, I don't want to see the economics(return) involved in Milling and Prospecting itself. All I want is to have a good idea of the costs of the mats and products I can sell/buy and craft.

    But, if that's not the purpose and you don't think it is that valuable, all I have to say is: you're doing a fabulous job, so don't think I'm here to ask you for more. It was just something I didn't find.

    Thanks a lot. Great Work.



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