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    [ Addon/API] Suggestion for automatic data updates


    wouldn't it make more sense to have some little tool that periodically updates your SavedVariables files with new market prices (maybe even so that it is written to the files used by Acutioneer or TSM)?

    I have thought about making one myself, though my datafeed I'm pulling off the armory isn't stable enough atm for production use plus I don't have formulas etc for StdDev and the like ready.

    But in general I think this would be nice to have. So that would require either a tool from you or some kind of API that might be used for that purpose. (But imo it would be better to generate those files once a day rather then allowing to pull such large quantities of data via a dynamic API)

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    That would be really cool. It's unfortunate that I don't want to write any client-side code, though.

    All it takes is one dude to say, "omg, I downloaded your auction data updater, and I got hacked the next day, it's your fault, you hacker!" to make me regret releasing it at all. So I thought I'd skip right to the part of "not having an updater."

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    Well if you are interrested I could write such code. I would make it so that one could plug in other sources (if they become available and someone writes code for them). Also I'd like to support different output formats such as your addon or Auctioneer etc.

    For the "I got hacked, it must have been you" Problem I could make that code open-source so people can verify that it does not contain any keylogging routines.



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