You probably noticed that, for a while now, on lists on category pages, you can click a "TSM" button in the top right to copy a TSM string of the items in the list.

Lately I've received some feedback regarding the formats of these strings, and that they might not work in TSM.

After some conversation with the TSM team, we've discovered that TSM has two different string formats that are used concurrently by the addon, and are incompatible with each-other.

One string format uses commas (i:123,i:456,i:7890) and is intended for TSM groups.
The other string format uses semicolons (i:123;i:456;i:7890) and is intended for TSM shopping searches.

Since offering both string formats would be confusing, TUJ still offers only one string for each list of items. We will use the group format for static lists (such as a list of mining ores or enchanting dust) and use the shopping list format for dynamic lists (such as deals and unusual items).

I've expressed to the TSM team that, ideally, at least one format should be readable by both parts of TSM (such as commas being read as semicolons in shopping searches) though I don't think they're planning to make such a change at this time.

Hopefully the static/dynamic split is sufficient for TUJ users to create TSM strings for where they intend to use them. Please let me know in this thread if you continue to have issues with TSM strings generated by TUJ, and how you want to use them.