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    Is it possible to get data on how many of an item have sold over a timeperiod?

    Ideally I would love to see statistics for each item on how many were listed in the past X days, how many sold, how many were cancelled and how many just timed out. I assume that not all of that data is available, but anything to give an indication of how many people are actually buying the items as opposed to just how many people are listing them would be a great help.

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    We've tried to figure out which items were sold years ago, but settled upon "we don't have enough information to know." We only get auction house snapshots hourly (or some similar interval).

    For example, if we get a snapshot at 1:05, you post an auction at 1:10, you sell the auction at 1:30, and we get another snapshot at 2:05, we'll never have known that auction existed (never mind that it sold).



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