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    BMAH notifications broken?

    Hi - I'm a subscriber with an account fully paid up.

    I stopped receiving my BMAH notification emails two weeks ago for no apparent reason. This is not a spam filtering issue, since my user account page also clearly shows the notifications terminating two weeks ago. I can find no settings relevant to BMAH notifications.

    This problem began close to the time that my primary server (Antonidas-US) was connected to a new realm (Uldum-US), not sure if that's related.

    Please re-enable BMAH emails! That's more than half the reason I pay for this service, and if it's not fixed soon I won't be renewing my subscription.

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    I bumped the thread, and it would be nice if Blizzard made this cheaper/easier to mine.

    However it doesn't seem like anything has changed, aside from UMJ's willingness to continue providing this service to its customers.
    Which coincides with my unwillingness to continue paying the same price to UMJ for reduced service. I suspect I'm not alone.

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    Further reference:

    What else has changed? The HD died...
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    I had a news post about this on the front page for 7 days a couple days ago. BMAH data was abruptly halted due to a hardware issue, and despite my efforts, I could not get the system running reliably again. I doubt Blizzard will include BMAH data in the API anytime soon. So, BMAH data and notifications are removed indefinitely.

    I would like to stress that BMAH support removal is not due to any choice on my part. Stuff broke without warning, and couldn't be fixed.



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