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Thread: Apologies

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    I didn't know where to put this but I wanted to apologise for my recent inactivity on the forums and in general. A ton of irl stuff went on and it got to the point where I quit playing WoW and logged onto the computer for less than an hour a day.

    However this has all I been resolved and I'm happy to say that I will be more active and will hopefully be actively blogging moving forward into Cataclysm. I have moved server and I'm prepared to start owning the Auction House on a much higher population server.

    Sorry if this thread is completely irrelevant/no one cares but I felt the need to apologise as I was very active and hold an important rank on the site before my break and hope that I can return to this.

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    WB, Sykez, glad it all got worked out OK! I hate it when RL needs get in the way of my fantasy world. ;-)
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    Like I mentioned on your blog, it's good to have you back
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    There's no need to apologise. Sometimes things can't be helped and reality gets in the way. If this ever happens to me, I'll make Sterling aware and I'm sure leeway will be given.