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    The Limnologist & The Oceanographer fishing achieves

    Hey, if anyone is interested, I made a quick spreadsheet for all the fish required in the fishing achieves "[achievement]The Limnologist[/achievement]" and
    "[achievement]The Oceanographer[/achievement]". It gives the zone with highest % catch rate and the continent it is on (both for sortability).

    I'm somewhat of an achievement nut, along with mounts & gold making. So I made this quick spreadsheet so I could figure out where I need to go to fish quickly. Will hopefully keep me from going insane with trying to find all 74 fish needed for both achievements.

    Fishing Achievements - Fish Locations
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    Thank you, my main will love this!

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    However if you didn't already get the Winter Squid, you'll have to wait until September. Be sure to get the Summer Bass now, however.

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    Wow that is awesome! +rep for you!
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