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    Tank you very much!

    I know this is out in left field for this forum, but I am struggling with something and could use some guidance and suggestions. Apologies in advance for the text wall!!

    A month or so before Cataclysm launch, I was bored out of my mind. Being a non-recovering Altoholic, I decided to roll a Pally, as that was the only class I had never rolled before. Long story short, I really like the class and now have two paladins, a Draenei at level 71 and a Human at level 70, both are retribution and prepared to fight the grind of Northrend. Issue at hand; I want to learn how to tank.

    While learning the technique is challenging, I find that practicing it is basically impossible. One of the alts, who is a member of large guild, could not find a soul to run instances in that level range. I have had numerous offers to have a couple of level 85ís come in and run me thru instances for gear. I explain that I want to learn to tank, not to get geared (although the gear would be a plus).

    On the non-guilded alt, I could find only ONE pug in the last two weekends of continuous play, and when I told everyone that I was just learning to tank (Iím very familiar with the instances, but from a DPS point of view), they kicked me!

    So, how does one learn to tank? Ret build until I hit 80, and THEN get kicked because I am learning? It is like there is no progression in the game. 1-70 is meaningless except to put in the time to get there. 70-80 is now meaningless, as everyone is simply rushing to get to 80+ Cataclysm levels. So, 79 levels of meaningless crap for 6 levels that matter.

    If it is this difficult for a ďveteranĒ player to learn something new, how must it be for someone truly new to the game? Will there be no more new tanks? Iím perplexed at how negative this could affect the game.

    Thankfully, none of this affects my true passion for the game ($$), but the diversion into tank life has opened my eyes to what appears to be a large problem with the game overall.

    Any words of wisdom would be appreciated!

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    I'd start by downloading Tidyplates Threat Plates. Mouseover taunt macros are great, too. Macro skull/X/square/circle to F5-F8 and mark packs as you approach them. In terms of rotations etc I have no idea, never played a prot paly!
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    I use Tidyplates as well, don't know how I ever managed to tank without them!
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    Honestly, level as Prot. It's pretty powerful, even while leveling. Queue for random dungeons as a tank, and learn as you go. I'm leveling my Paladin as Prot and find it to be a lot of fun. And now, with the new BOA tanking gear coming out in 4.1, that will make it easier to deal with Wrath dungeons as a tank. If you have the Justice Points, get a set of BOA dps plate gear and a set of BOA tank plate gear. Use the dps gear while questing and use the tank gear while doing dungeons. Just use Prot spec in both cases and you'll get to know the mechanics pretty decently.

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    (I'm planning to learn tanking on my DK soon) Read through a few tank guides so you get the general gist of which buttons to push. After that, just queue as a tank and go.

    Whisper the healer so they know what's up and then you should be fine. Pretty much everyone just blows through the instances with little fear. As long as you know which bosses/mobs need a bit more attention (i.e. adds, certain timing on taunts/interrupts) you should be fine.

    Remember, if DPS dies it's their fault for not watching their threat. If you die, blame the healer. >.>

    You may also want to poke Faid via email. She's working on her third plate tank.

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    Oddly enough, how I learnt to tank was basically respec my pala to prot at the start of cata... then after I had gotten decent gear (halfway throo vash'jir - I was holy only in WoTLK) I started pulling two mobs at a time, then three, then four...

    Basically, I'd advise this - go and find some mobs your level +-1 and see if you can stay alive whilst AoE killing all of 'em to get a feel for your rotations. Then, a quick read on wowwiki/wowhead just to make sure you don't omg-noob-tank on any of the bosses - I'm looking at you, 2nd boss in 'tides, I remember you ganked me cos I didnt kno I had to kite first time I tanked you... And also when trash has nasty abilities and you should be popping CD's - dont think there was any in Wrath tho, then just sign for dungeons and go. And as mentioned above, a quick /w to the healer should help matters too.... Also, it all depends on how you tell people too - a "Hi, I'm learning tanking" especially if you're in full ret gear might get a /kick, where as a "Hi guys, haven't tanked this instance yet so bear with me " is strictly true-ish, and less likely to get a negative response whilst *still* giving you the "ok, we need to actually pay attention to mr tank here and be patient" response you need...

    Tl;dr - play as prot out of instances to learn rotations, try changing how you ask people to let you learn via LFD

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    I levelled prot on my pally all the way to 85. Three resources I found invaluable:


    The rest is situational awareness and tidyplates threatplates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RavenC View Post
    Draenei at level 71 and a Human at level 70, both are retribution and prepared to fight the grind of Northrend. Issue at hand; I want to learn how to tank.
    I dont rem how many I pulled when I was lvl70 raidtank, but I believe it was close to 40-50x lvl67-68 mobs(couldnt pull more because they ran away) and killed them all, or rather they killed themselves mostly. This video is not mine, but I found one regarding the little trick I did.

    Its a very nice place to just grind away and level up fast as prot pally at the levels you are now.

    ..and you will get alot of:

    If I were you, I would just farm there between instances until they are grey. ..if you are looking to do it speedy, that is.

    Edit: Found a better vid of someone killing 62 of them in one pull But I would recommend just doing the 30-ish on the upper level
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    Some of the stuff in this post -> will prove useful to you. Grab some of the craftable gear and hit the random instances. You know the Wrath instances. Don't be intimidated and don't pre-apologize. I wouldn't tell people you've never tanked. Tell them something like, "I haven't tanked much on a paladin, so go easy on me." Let them make their own assumptions from there. If you get kicked, just queue again. At that level, in those instances, focus on your high threat multi-target/AOE abilities. Have taunt easily accessible and all life-saving cooldowns in one area. You'll be fine. It seems much more daunting than it really is.

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    When i first started tanking the best thing i could ever do is mention i was new to tanking, and every time i tanked an instance for the first time, even if i had ran it many times as DPS or healer i would say so too. Most of the time people are very helpful if you are up front with them in this way although as always you do find the odd jerk but if you don't have a thick skin then you won't make it as a tank as possibly the hardest job of a tank is dealing with all the crap that comes with the job.
    Walking in and acting like your a pro works fine if things go well but soon turns into a bitching match as soon as the first mistake happens.

    Having leveled a pally tank i can't say i agree much with leveling as prot.i.e. playing prot outside of instances, as i found ret could easily take on just as many mobs but killed them much quicker and importantly for learning to tank, prot DPS.i.e. killing mobs by yourself is at best only similar to prot tanking so it can be useful to learn your abilities, how they work and your keybinds but not really how to tank.

    As your starting at 70 your in a good place to start as wrath instances are pretty much faceroll where you can concentrate simply on holding aggro but once you get to cata instances i would have a look at some instance guides, most notably for dodgy trash, as you'd be surprised at how much extra a tank needs to know over the rest of the group.

    As others have said, tidy plates and the threat plates plug-in will make your life much easier as you can see all the time what you have aggro on.

    As for getting groups, just join the random queue. Even when you have a slow queue it's a very short wait time for tanks so even if you do meet some jerks who kick you you'll soon get another group.



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