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    I wish people could have the common decency...

    ... to send you phishing / wow scam emails that do not have spelling mistakes or grammar errors.

    I'm absolutely amazed how I've NEVER EVER seen a phishing/scam that doesn't have a typo/grammar error in it. You would really have though that over time they would improve or there would be at least a few decent English-fluent people involved in the scams too?

    Usually they are really bad, this is just an example that I found in my email from a while ago that I forgot to delete:

    Dear customer,
    Thank you for contacting online support.

    When you place an order in our system using Paypal it can take up to 96 hrs for the order to be processed. This is because we must wait for confirmation that the funds for the transaction are available. Once we receive the response from Paypal we will process your order as quickly as possible. As this point we show that your order still
    a response from Paypal. Usually order Will completed within one hour, we received an error while processing the order. Please login our website <scam link removed> to reorder right now.We will add $50 credit to your account As compensation for this issue.

    Please let us know if we can help you in any other way.
    Jon P.
    Blizzard LLC Account & Billing department
    Ok so seriously first typo/grammar error:

    "As this point we show that your order IS still pending a response from Paypal."

    Second typo/grammar error:

    "Usually order Will completed within one hour, we received an error while processing the order."

    Who am I kiding? This is so bad it can't even be fixed.


    "reorder right now.We will add $50"

    Really bad spacing.
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    I've never understood this either. Same thing with the in-game gold spammers. I've considered sending them corrected text, then I remember that it's just a hacked account being run from a bot and nobody is actually reading the inbound.

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    It gets even better when they whisper you, and can't spell Blizzard correctly...

    Hello. This is Blizard moderator <name here>...
    For the Loss.

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    Yeah, or when I get phishing emails in an email account that is NOT my wow account! It used to be, but I changed it (for that reason).
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    I've never understood this myself. The would be american scammers must be too busy actually playing the game

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    You should see the scam mails in French. Most of them are completely unable to produce accents (, , , ,...) which are very common. You end up with weird %o signs or something similar, quite amusing to see
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