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    WorldofWargraphs - Need Suggestions!

    I've been shooting emails back and forth with Trebonius, the developer of Worldofwargraphs. The site is an arena stats tool. It tracks the best comps, players, teams, races, professions, the list goes on. The stats presented on the site are very customizable. Essentially, if you like arena stats, this is the place to go.

    Trebonius is very active in developing and improving the site. My latest suggestion to him was to weigh class/spec representation. It's easier to explain this concept by first looking at individual class representation.

    In season 7, the 3 most represented classes were rogues, paladins, and priests (I'm using random classes here). But if you took into account that there are 2x more paladins than priests and weigh representation, priests were indeed the most popular class! This is a much more accurate representation of how classes are performing in arenas. From what I gather, Trebonius will try to accomplish this "weighed representation" for arena comps.

    So check out his site. If you think of a cool feature, shoot him an email.
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    Wow - this is a fantastic site, thanks!! I just linked it on my guild website.
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