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    How you counter the Burn Out?

    After 5 years of burning the midnight oil on Azeroth I'm starting to fuel burned out and i was wondering how do you guys counter this?

    Do you just quit playing at all or there is another way which have worked for you to get a little "out" and get back into the game renewed.

    I really don't want to get out entirely, i do have that sense of been missing something big when I'm not around (I'm sure there is a name for that condition) but i think there will be a way of detaching myself.

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    I just do other things for a while. If you're getting burnt out, do something different, either in game or out. Start a new alt, level an old one, intentionally forgo your routines. I think a big part of the problem is routines start to feel like requirements and that fuels the burnout. Don't do them for a while and then pick up the things you want to do, rather than those you feel you have to do.

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    Agree with Calianna - do something different, in or out. Recently, I became a little tired of the same old routine I was following, so I picked up the Hero's Call quest in SW, and started questing in Twilight Highlands. ;-)
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    Alot of times you can combat WoW burnout by doing anything but WoW. Last time I hit that rut, I had a fresh toon hit Act 5 in D2. Or I work on SC2 achievements (I just need the hard mode All-In to have the campaign achievements complete... and a way to not throw my laptop playing said mission!)

    If you have any games you've kept saying "I need to get to that one of these days", now's as good of a time as any! It's why I'm starting to make my way through Bioshock for the first time!
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    It is funny, but I think the AH is exacly what keeps me from burning out. I like to move from one thing to another and being locked into a routine bugs me a bit. Sure I have somewhat of a routine I follow, but when I get a gold idea I like to run with it, milk it and then dump it for the next guy while i figure out another new one. Its the thrill of figuring out new ways that excites me more then raiding at this point. I just wonder if I should be playing the rl stock market instead.
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    Usually, I choose to do something else while only playing the absolute minimum time (i.e. 1x posting/1x buying per day).
    That way, I'll earn money, be up to date but at the same time don't spend more than perhaps 30min a day in the World of Warcraft.

    As for the "something else", there's plenty to do anyway.
    Often I'm so busy with those things that I have to "force" myself to craft items, read ingame news or do daily quests, since I'd rather pursue other activities.

    Either way, you'll have to memorise that it's all just a game. You can quit any time, and your ingame money will not decrease; even if you're not making more gold all the time.
    You could come back after 2 years and would probably still be rich, so what?
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