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    What other games do you play?

    I'll be honest... I get sick and tired of WoW every now and then and switch to another game for a week or two. The other games I have been enjoying in my spare time lately are:

    1. Starcraft 2 - I don't think it need any introduction.
    2. League of Legends - an extremely fun game form the creators of DotA (Warcraft III mod), which also has the same concept.
    3. Baldur's Gate / Plansecape Torment - yeah, every now and then I pull out the old CD's and play them over again, because they are just THAT awesome.

    So what other games do you play apart from WoW... or do you ?
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    There are other games out there besides WoW ???? lol

    1. Flight Simulator X - Frequently flying cross country one one PC while working the auction house on another.
    2. BF2 - My old-school clan is still active and playing every now and then. Still love to go fragging and sniping!!

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    I used to play alot more, but wow has eaten most of my time for that.

    I still get some SC2 time in, but that's about it anymore (aside from games at Kongregate) as well as Minecraft (some guildies and other friends have a private server we play on).

    My last MMO prior to WoW was Puzzle Pirates. I think most of the people who read these forums would've loved it in its prime - anyone with a strong economic / business mind could become fairly powerful individually (and most of them time they all grouped up) as the shopkeeping was completely player run and complicated (not EVE Online Compliated, but still robust).

    I also played Earth and Beyond, Team Fortress Classic, Counter Strike (Beta 5.5 was the best!) and a couple of MUDs as well.
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    There are other things to do besides wow?
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    Nowadays I am playing most popular game the "call of duty world at war" such a great game for entertaining.

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    My main two games i play apart from WoW are Civilization V and OTTD (Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe). My favorite game to crack out when i'm up for some general fun is Streets of Rage on my old megadrive, that game just never gets old!
    I also play a lot of abandonware.

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    ah... today is Rift day... otherwise I just bang my head on the buttons with WoW running on the background, until my ears bleed and then I switch to Lotro or GW or Allods or EQII or whatever the MMO fancy strikes me... Haven't played single player games in a pretty long while, they just do not interest me for some reason...

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    I am playing game on PC. Now I am playing Call Of Duty MW 4. This game is very interested of other COD game.

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    I really haven't played any other games outside of WoW ever since CoD: Black Ops. Before that it was Halo:Reach. Both were kind of a letdown for me. Before those, there was Halo 3: ODST, which I probably put as many hours into as I have WoW. Love that game - Firefight rocked.
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    I would say what other games I play, but I don't want to get beat up...

    J/K. Mainly it's just WoW, although runescape has slightly caught my attention again with free trading back in the game. I'll also occasionally hop on Minecraft when I'm in more of a creative mood.



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