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    Cataclysm The king is dead! LONG LIVE THE KING!!

    Maybe by this time all of you already know...

    Markco is retiring from WoW gold blogging.

    With real sorrow i never tough i will see this day (i've seen it a LOT on other gold making bloggers, me included) and to be honest i feel this like an end to an era.

    I'm sure all of you fellow AH baron's have in one way or another owe something for the knowledge that this guy has brought and all his work done for the AH gold community.

    So please join me today!

    /SALUTE !!

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    I'll stand with you here, but most of us won't notice a change. Markco hasn't posted much at all since just before Cataclysm was released. I'm happy that he's moving on to other ventures (I suspect they are the IRL-profitable kind), but we'll still have Mageshadow posting content at JMTC. Still, it wasn't "official" until today, so...

    Retired - I blame Kathroman for everything.

    (that's a joke, eh)

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    He may not have been blogging but he was always available for me when i emailed him.

    does this mean CTA is also dead?

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    does this mean CTA is also dead?
    Edit: As posted by Markco in a comment on the blog
    Thank you all very much and yes a call to auction is being recorded Sunday or Monday!
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