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Thread: Old Tier 2 Sets

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    Old Tier 2 Sets

    Found a thread on MMO-Champion about this, thought I would share.

    These were the original Tier 2 sets that Blizzard had ingame for a while after the release of BWL.
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    I remember when they changed those. As I recall, those first sets were designated as placeholders by Blizzard and were never intended to be permanent. I had a warrior in full T2, and I would have rather looked like the original in the gimp quest-greens looking gear than to have those ridiculous shoulders and helm that I had. Ah well, I guess it could have been worse. I could have been a druid with Bullwinkle horns.

    That rogue T2 set is my favorite all time set. For rogues, anyway.

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    For many people who have played since vanilla WoW, myself included, T2 is considered the best looking raid set ever designed. Folks still run BWL to this day so they can complete their T2.

    T2 pally set is my favorite by far, although the BC lock sets are close second/third.



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