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    [Question] Tagging usernames in forum posts

    Whenever I post, I try to make a point to "tag" (i.e. @Ord) any users I'm referring to. I originally thought this would be a good way to make my posts give credit to the specific users I might be mentioning but I just started wondering if they were actually meant as a way to 'ping' a certain individual and if I've been needlessly spamming these users. I tend to be a perfectionist and figured this was 'good practice' but I don't want to be unintentionally pissing anyone off, either.

    What's the general consensus regarding tagging users? An example post is this one where I've tagged 5 people in one post, some of which had nothing to do with the thread other than I was mentioning their works.


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    @Ord - I tend to use the mentions liberally. In my profile, I've got 95 PAGES of mentions...
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    Yeah don't feel bad for using mentions. If you think someone might need to see a post, best to let them know! I couldn't imagine this forum without them..
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