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    Intronaut, Kylesa, Chelsea Wolfe, Marriages, Emma Ruth Rundle, Russian Circles, Baroness, Cult of Luna, Pelican, Mouth of the Architect, Helms Alee

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    Depends on my mood entirely, really.

    What I listen to the most is probably Symphonic/Epic Metal and a bit of Trash/Speed/Power Metal (why the hell do I have the feeling that "back in my days", when I was a teen, there wasn't even half of all the subgenres that are there now oO but maybe I was just ignorant), but also Rock, Hard Rock, a bit of EBM/Future Pop and one of my absolutely fav bands ever plays Folk Rock. Or something like that.

    I LOVE "Within Temptation", couldn't live without their music.
    Surprisingly I like Evanescence, too.
    Metallica, of course, and Blind Guardian. I have a guildbank named "Somewhere far beyond".
    Amaranthe. Hammerfall and Manowar. Way too much good bands to list them all

    Naked Raven. A Folk Rock band from Melbourne. Love love love them.

    ASP, Wolfsheim, Eisbrecher, Bruderschaft, And One, VNV Nation, Neuroticfish, Icon Of Coil, Covenant, Assemblage 23, Apoptygma Berzerk, Seabound, Solitary Experiments

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    If you find me using way too much commas when writing English, don't worry! I compensate that by using not enough when writing German! Typos are by design to entertain the audience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonseal View Post
    I LOVE "Within Temptation", couldn't live without their music.
    I've been on a big Within Temptation kick myself lately. Amaranthe is my workout music. Apocalyptica, though I don't like some of the newer stuff as much. A bit of In This Moment as a guilty pleasure kinda thing. Mostly symphonic metal and pop/metal hybrids.

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    Death metal - Haiduk




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