Whats your best WoW revenge story? Be it screwing someone out of profit on the AH, following them around and killing their quest mobs, or simply beating them in a duel over and over.

Mind has to be today. I was questing on my 45 Warrior in Tanaris, horde side. I'm killing a giant, when a Foresaken Rogue comes next to me and challenges me to a duel. Now, I don't PvP, and I don't duel either, so I decline. The Rogue then taunts me by saying "Get some" and when I decline he/she says...well, I don't think its a word allowed on the forum, but lets just say he called me a certain female part that starts with a P. Rather annoyed by this, I note that the rogue is flagged. (I also seen this rogue earlier, and flagged. He/she is the type to run around on a PvE server perma-flagged looking for PvP.)

So, I say to my self, "Mmkay, I'll get on my alliance pally and meet you down here soon." I grab a friend to lend me a mage port from Dal to Stonard, and fly to Tanaris. My friend comes to watch. (He's an 80 mage, in T9's, but he knows how to play the class like OMFG) After a little looking around, I find the Rogue, inside town. Now, with level 85 elite guards I don't attack her, I wait till he/she gets outside. Not far from Gadgetzan I attack, one shotting her. Unfortunately, I was to close to down, and got owned by an 85 guard. I rez, and move back some to watch the rogue for when they rez. They do, and I proceed to kill them 5 more times. Far enough away from town that I don't attract guards. The Rogue then calls for a 55 druid to come help her. He comes, I slaughter the rogue 3 more times, and the druid 5 times. Finally he has enough and stays dead till he's not flagged, then rezzes and runs inside the town.

The rogue is now dead on the floor, not coming back. About 15 minutes later an 80 hunter, semi-geared comes into Gadgetzan (By now me and my friend got bored of sitting in the desert, and go into down) flags, and tries to pick a fight with me. Curious to see if he/she is stupid enough to attack me in town, I flag. They are. They hit me with some hunter move, and next thing I know, dead huntard surrounded by gobby guards. To make a long story...Er, kinda short...She proceeds to try to kill me in town via varies strategies another 4-5 times. She fails miserably each time. Me and my friend sit there laughing as she gets pawned over and over by the gobby guards. Finally she gives up and leaves. I log back onto my Warrior and whisp her saying, "I seen the show, man that 80 really beat your ass. Makes me wonder what you did to deserve it, because I know you did. Good thing you run around flagged, eh?" I then /ignore the two toons I seen her on.

I don't believe revenge is a dish best served cold...Its best served in a gobby town with 85 elite guards. <3