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    I have seem to lost my premium membership... thought i had it on auto renew but i guess not.
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    Was thinking about getting premium for this but is the guide up to date now ?

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    Wish you offered monthly membership for like 3 - 4 bucks, forfeiting the Gold guide of course. Ppm would encourage me to try and see if it's worth investing more

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    Actually I reconsidered... I decided to buy membership...was all happy and ready to go then realised PayPal is the only accepted payment method. Bugger - PayPal is literally the only merchant that absolutely refuses to take my CC - no idea why, been that way for years and many conversations with them have ultimately led to them telling me that they don't know why either

    I do get that it can be hard to find a trustworthy free online payment processor and PayPal is great for that - but until you guys consider an alternate such as direct payment, skrill, stripe etc I have to remain a noobie basic member
    - Unless you have a routing code n account number I can wire the money to? LoL

    tl/dr - please consider PayPal alternatives thanks

    edit: I seem to have somehow signed up under a different e-mail on my mobile, sorry, I'll only use this account now, did not intend on any abuse!



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