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    The Undermine Journal's Comeback

    Shamaenei over at Ele-Mental Gold just blogged about the apparent return of The Undermine Journal, which had closed down a couple months ago due to unfortunate changes in Blizzard's XML infrastructure (did that sound smart? Hope so). See TUJ's blog feed here.

    No details are available as of yet, hopefully Erorus will provide more information soon (this teaser is KILLING me). I know that I'll be spamming his blog for updates as the day(s) goes by. The least we can do for now is let everyone know that our favorite site is back in action.

    Blog away, folks!
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    They better come back with and with a TUJ for EU to boot!

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    It's up.
    We're Back!
    February 7th
    Welcome back to The Undermine Journal!

    In late December, we were forced to suspend operations due to difficulties regarding data collection. Thankfully, those problems are now behind us, and we are excited to report upon every auction house in all US realms.

    We collect information on over 10 million auctions every hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide unique insights into your markets.

    Our category pages have been updated to watch new items since the Shattering, and our item pages have had minor adjustments to aid in cross-faction arbitrage. We intend to provide additional tools in the near future.

    These first few days back might be a bit busy or slow, and we'll do what we can with the hardware we have available. This publication is still financed completely by donations, so we appreciate any financial assistance you can offer. We thank you for all your interest and support. We hope to stick around for a long time to come.

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    It is back! It still has all of my user controls saved too!