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    Article: Calling All Bloggers - Help TUJ!

    As you may know, The Undermine Journal has closed due to changes in Blizzard's remote AH infrastructure. TUJ is one of the most powerful tools I've ever seen as an entrepreneur, and it saddens me that such a great site is closing down. Here's a quote from Erorus, the developer, explaining the problems TUJ is facing:

    Quote Originally Posted by Erorus View Post
    Over the past 48 hours, the site has not been cooperative. There are more error pages than usual, so many that my scan completion rate is around 60% when just last week I had a 98% completion rate. I have one idea that may help, but that's only if the problem is where I think it is on Blizzard's end, and it might not be. Still, I'll probably tinker with the crawler a little bit tomorrow to see if it helps.

    Then I notice that Blizzard's shiny new auction interface is up. "Woo, maybe I can use that." Doesn't look likely. It's no longer presented in XML, so I would have to use horrid regular expressions against the html to pull data out. Ugly, but still workable. However, that whole "search beyond 200 results" thing I've been using doesn't appear to work there. Search beyond 200 results and it just returns none. Trying to narrow down by category won't help, since it takes so much longer, and even if you go down to the item level, it's possible that there are more than 200 auctions for a given item.

    I went so far as to look at the packets going between the mobile armory app on my android phone and their servers, hoping it's using XML and HTTP somewhere. No such luck; looks like proprietary protocols that would take me a very long time to reverse-engineer.

    So, someday soon, will no longer present its current interface to the auction house, since Blizz wants people to use the shiny new one they've developed. And I won't be able to pull auction data after that. I've emailed them a few months ago and haven't heard squat. They probably don't know this exists. And I have no good way to get in contact with them.

    Um, panic? If you want The Undermine Journal to stick around, you might want to get Blizzard's attention and have them contact me, or start hoping they'll have some bot-friendly interface for some reason.

    All this, just in time for me to buy the last accounts I need for full US realm support... fantastic.
    Further details can be found in this thread. Erorus has attempted to contact Blizzard about the problems but was unsuccessful. What we need to do is band together, and collectively ask Blizzard to clarify their position. I'm kindly asking all bloggers out there to help me and get the word out to the public. I've started a thread on the public forums found here. Keep in mind, this thread is not a petition, as these types of threads are generally closed quickly.

    So go ahead and voice your opinion in the general forum thread. Who knows, maybe we can bring back TUJ!

    Sterling beaming out!
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    Hi guys,

    This is sad news. I discovered The Undermine Journal (TUJ) about 4-5 weeks ago. It very quickly became my #1 goto stop for pricing. I am not sure how we can help, but I would very much like to see TUJ alive and well again.

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    Got my latest blog post out there on this. To be honest, I was content to stay out of it until I saw the thread-crapping going on. I'm all-in now, Sterling - thanks for leading the charge here.

    Lots of flames in that thread...
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    Lots of common morons in that thread. The earlier response, to the effect of "I don't know what this is so it's stupid", was pretty much spot on.

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    best thing we can do is respond to the morons with good answers which will keep that thread active. Especially with the holidays we do not want that falling off the first page. Also posts with multiple pages I would assume has a better chance at being looked at by a dev.

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    It's thread responses like that that make me wish they had gone through with the Real ID Reality idea. Pathetic.

    Anyhow, while I have hope for it I don't have my hopes up. They may be working on the accessibility of the Armory but who knows. With Blizzard they tend to prioritize their projects like anyone, and to pull resources off of things in motion to satisfy a smaller percentage of the player base may not be in the cards. I was looking forward to when he was going to make subscription based features because I used that site more than WoWhead at one point. Such a sad day for entrepreneurs everywhere.

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    I posted some technical jargon that's less than true but hopefully they will recognize that being SEO optimized and easily crawl-able will bring revenue passively via stumblers. etc...

    I'm going to wait a few hours my next post from a different account will be about the psychology of quiting wow and how these sub sites re attract people to playing.

    Some what weak arguments but will hopefully give the thread more credibility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeg View Post
    best thing we can do is respond to the morons with good answers which will keep that thread active. Especially with the holidays we do not want that falling off the first page. Also posts with multiple pages I would assume has a better chance at being looked at by a dev.
    I think Aeg just pegged something here. Having the morons posting on that thread is not a bad thing at all. They are just providing free bumps and making sure that even more people see it. We continue to provide positive feedback, they are more than welcome to provide their stupidity.

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    I just noticed the thread got moved to the Website Bug Reports forum.

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    Im much more active on the wow forums, and will be pretty active in the above thread, but im not that great at writing, so if i say something that you guys dont agree with or is wrong, please correct me

    thank you



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