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    Hi Sterling;

    Just readed youre enchanting guide..
    Nice details!

    Gonna try it tonight - Whish me luck
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    Premium - No Credit Card

    Hey man, I have no credit card, so I don't think I can pay for membership.

    Also, is it ok if I pay for it per month/ 3 months?

    I'm a few dollars short.
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    hi there sterling thanks fro the guides i have a question ples u know someone that speaks spanish thast is mod? or something ples thanks i read somewhere sinshroud does?? thanks
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    hi sterling,

    I read your guide on the snipe.

    when I go to scan/search the ah , it doesn't come up with anything when its done?

    any idea why this happens??

    thanks heaps.

    cant wait to get this guide working properly
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    Yo mateee,

    Id like to change my username to Elrydor.

    Thanks in advance
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    Hiya mate,

    Im about to leave Outland, for another realm and go Horde.
    Would you recommend a Full/High/Med/Low pop realm for gold making?

    I guess Full/Locked ones got their advantages: Big chance of miss pricings for sniping.
    Med pop: Higher prices on stuff compared to full.
    Low: Have to do some farming yourself, low chance of snipes, expensive.

    Watcha think?

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    Hiya mate,
    I Was about to pay for a subscription until i noticed 6/12 month prices.
    Do you pay the full price directly, or is it a monthly sub?

    Just bought a new computer so kinda poor atm, and probably cant afford the full thing immidietly :/

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    I want to donate an Alterac Brew Pup gift key code. maybe you can set up something to give it away. Please let me know if youre interested.
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    Thank you for your time reading these longer posts
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    I have all proffs capped except LW (525) I have 5x90s 5x85s 1x80 I have a sales backround so Im not too much of a novice taking what i do for work and applying it to my proffs but working with tsm 1.0 i just couldn't seem to make it work as well as advertised once i heard that 2.0 was released I wanted to get my feet wet trying it out reiterate I would like to see if i have bad values set for my crafting/ah operations and any tips where to start on making a schedule to hit my goal of getting 100k+g so i can get my darn yak and stop having to endlessly gather as a main means of producing gold
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