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    TSM Disenchant Search - Buyout All

    In the past I had used Auctioneer's disenchant search for great profits to set up my base to start doing other things. I've recently been wanting to do that again in the background while I do other things. There is one thing I see with Auctioneer (which I can't use because the realm's AH is much too big to do GetAll scans) that I don't see with TSM and that is the ability to buyout ALL of the items that show up in the search. With TSM I have to click the item, click buyout, click another item, click buyout, etc.

    Auctioneer's version has a 'buyout all' option, which places all of the items in a buyout queue and then the only thing to be clicked from then on (which can be macrod) is 'Yes'.

    Does TSM have this function and I'm just missing it? If not, what are the chances something small like this could be added to a future build?

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    You can macro TSM's buyout buttons (or even add it to the scrollwheel macro). I'm not sure it's wise to buy every result of a d/e search though...

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