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    TSM Accounting Sales

    Hello all. I've learned a lot from these forums, and I'm doing well in my enchanting scroll sales. I am now tryiing to maximize profit, by overwriting and creating more of the scrolls I sell more often. When I check into TSM accounting, under Aucs, it says 1. However, when I click on a scroll that I've sold multiple times, it will show multiple sales. Is there a way to sort by the amount of scrolls I sold? I want to look at my highest selling scrolls and craft more of those. Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds like you're looking at the Sales tab. That tells you every individual sale. If you look under the "Items" tab it gives you more of a summary. Here you can type "enchant" in the search filter and then sort by # sold for what you're looking for.

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    thank you. that was exactly it



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