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Thread: Best setup

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    Best setup

    Hi alla and merry xmas
    I setup my TSM and have a question, in craft panel when i choose "Get mat proce from" and "get craft price from" is better auction_db or wowuction?
    Now i choose for the first "Auction_db-Market Value" and the other "Auction_DB minimum Buyout". Is crrect?

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    It's really up to you. There is no correct choice. Also, auctiondb and wowuction have each multiple price options so find the one which has prices closest to what you'd expect based on the markets. If you have no clue, just pick one and adjust it later if it doesn't work out.

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    Ok tnx, i'm new with this instruments and have a bit difficult with english language :-). I follow several youtube video and now i try. I set auction_db Otherwise i change



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