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    Constant crafting mat log

    As the title suggest's I was wondering if there was an option to have TSM keep the scan data. Just in case for instance;

    I post 20 enchants and the next day I repost the 15 that didnt sell but all the enchants are invalid because they no longer have seller data.

    I seen a secondary price option under crafting, so I put in TUJ in there hoping that it would use a median price from there and go by that. In doing that I have seen some crazy numbers in chat like 328756 threshold and fallback is below that by a little bit or 2 or 3 gold for an item that should be selling for 1200g at least.

    Any ideas or even a confirmation that there is a way for TSM to keep old crafting mat prices for % of crafting price.

    Thanks Goblin Baron Shaz from Maiev Horde.

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    TSM does keep scan data. Could you take screenshots showing what you're having an issue with as well as all related options / prices? For example, if the threshold isn't what you expect, take a screenshot of said threshold and the tooltip for the item which that threshold applies to showing the prices.

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    It worked itself out, I logged in and everything was working correctly. Guess I just needed to restart wow after doing all the settings =)



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