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    Quote Originally Posted by Saralyn View Post
    I tried so many different price sources, and nothing helped.
    However, last night I decided to see what I could do to clean up my UI. I had way too many addons.
    After I finished that, I completely removed all addons for Auctioneer and TSM, including the Saved Variables files.
    I did a fresh install of all TSM from Curse, and a fresh install of Auctioneer. Set both to run scans, and went to bed.
    This morning I got up and went to set up all my Item Tracking with my banker account so I could begin crafting again, only to find that my Item Tracking Icon was gone.
    I checked my addons it shows TSM Item Tracking folder. Tried a relog, still nothing. Removed the folder and the saved variables, and re-downloaded from Curse. Still nothing. If memory serves me correctly, the icon should naturally appear, I didn`t have to select anything. Again, I am at a loss. I don`t understand what happened. The only thing that changed before all these issues was a server change. Anyhow, if we could figure out why my Item Tracker Icon isn`t showing up that would be really helpful =)
    At the character select screen click addons in the lower left and make sure it's selected. It shouldn't say out of date but just double check. Also go in game and type /tsm version and post the results please.
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    For information: TSM Website, TSM Addon, TSM App.
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    /facepalm I won't even tell you what I did to fix it... it was so east that it took less time to fix than it did to type that entire message! DUH ME! Had a moment =)
    2 Accounts, 11 Alts, 1 Banker, 10 Storage Mules, 5 Guilds, Making 15K a Day in Gold. Meeting awesome people that play WoW... Priceless!


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