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    Quote Originally Posted by FlopsyPrince View Post
    How could I limit a normal run? I guess I could try posting a couple of items and waiting for someone to undercut them, but that seems hard to control.
    Shouldn't take that long for a couple of auctions out of 800+ to get undercut.

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    The problem is getting only a few undercut.

    I have done it with only 300 or so to go through and had the cancel select 150 of them. A few are for odd "canceling to repost" reasons or something like that.

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    I just did a cancel run with about 216 items posted. It canceled 7 of them. The cancel bar only got halfway across the screen in this case as seems to always be the case for me.

    This is not a problem that stops me, just annoying and I have to watch carefully to make sure it is really done.



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