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    TSM_Accounting Tooltips

    Hi Sapu

    TSM 1.5.10
    TSM_Accounting 1.2.2
    TSM_ItemTracker 1.2.4

    I have some issues with tsm accounting no showing how many I have sold on some items. Most of them involve items that have random enchants, I have attached a couple of screen shots so you can see what i mean.

    I have sold 5 of the Tsunami Boots of the windfury, but when i mouse over I dont see the where it told me I sold 5 of them. I have check in the options section of TSM accounting "Show sale info in item tooltips" Also I notice that when select Tsunami Boots of the windfury and mouse over from there it just shows Tsunami Boots. I suspect maybe its using Item Id for these but dont know how to turn this off for accounting so I can see how many I sold, since I would want to know if they are selling and if not to de them. Basically now I am having to write them down on paper to keep track of them and that is not fun.

    Also item tracker is seeing these as one item as you can see on the 3rd screenshot, I dont have 22 on the AH, I currently have 2 of this item but there are other versions of tsunami boots that i sell too. I am getting ready to clean up my low sellers and the data on the tooltips is very helpful if it can be fixed.


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    Anyone had a chance to look into this issue

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    Accounting, as well as the rest of the TSM Suite, only looks at the itemID for items with <random enchant>. If you'd like to see us add support for the different enchants as a separate entity, please suggest it and we'll see what we can do.
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