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    Shopping list showing higher prices intermittently - anyone else

    Hi Guys,

    I have found two items, so far, in my shopping list which do not list the lowest priced items available in the AH. The two I have seen so far are master healing potions and elixir of mirrors. This behavior seems intermittent, I am speculating it is price (low price) dependent.

    When I checked the price in my shopping list and then compare using the ah search for the same item, the ah search shows more items with lower prices. I have deleted the item from my shopping list and re-added it. I am at a loss why this might be happening. The shopping list price and person selling are indeed accurate in that they are indeed in the auction but are not the lowest priced items available. So I do not think this is an individual item price math bug. ATM, no master healing potions prices below 7g per show up in my shopping list but there are some in the AH.

    Anyone have thoughts? Anyone else seen this? I thought I was going crazy at first.

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    Follow up ....

    Does not make sense but this seems to only happy in the Alli AH not the horde AH (so far).



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