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    "Buy From Vendor" Not Option For Some Vendor Items (e.g.,) Plain Wooden Staff

    I have been trying to sell some items that I have crafted, but I am finding that TSM is not finding crafting costs for some of them. I have both my "Get Mat Prices From" and "Get Craft Prices From" set to "AuctionDB - Market Value." This problem is causing the crafting costs to read as "0," which is leading to "invalid" auction groups items.

    Drilling down into my crafts, I rescanned my crafts, which helped with some of the items. Then I rescanned the auction house a number of times, which helped with others.

    Further exploration led me to material costs for the mats making up the Rosethorn Staff and the Silver Inlaid Staff. Both use the "Plain Wooden Staff" purchasable at a vendor, but when I look at the General Price Sources available for the Plain Wooden Staff, I notice that only "Auction House Value" is available as a clickable option. "Buy From Vendor" is not an option.

    My solution to this problem was to add a custom value matching the vendor item cost, but I am wondering if you can explain why this is happening and what I can do to make TSM recognize the vendor availability for this (and maybe other) items?

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    There's no way for addons to know that you can buy items from a vendor. Currently all the vendor-bought stuff is hardcoded into the addon (ie manually typed in). I'll see about updating these lists this weekend.

    I really appreciate how thorough you were in narrowing down the issue though. It's a welcome relief from all the "it doesn't work, why?" posts

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    Gnomeworks seems to handle this by adding any vendor items you see to the addon's "buy from a vendor" list. So, when I open a vendor, it says "{item name} added to vendor items." I don't know if that helps in this case.



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