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    TSM Using wrong AuctionDB Value?

    Hey all - I'm new to using TSM and in the process of setting up my groups for posting. What I was attempting to do was put my rare gem cuts in the same group, and assign Auction DB Market Value to their threshold value. However, when I do this it seems to average the market value for the entire group and try to list even the cheapest items at insane prices according to the more expensive items. Am I doing something wrong? Or can you just not have multiple items in the same group?

    Here's an SS of what I mean:


    In this example I just threw Blood Elf Bandit Mask inside a group with a gem I wanted to post, and as you can see the value it's trying to post the gem at is insane What am I doing wrong? /confused face

    edit: when I change the threshold to a fixed gold value, as well as the fallback, it works fine. But I don't want to do this as I'll need to keep updating my prices to follow the market. Or am I doing it wrong?
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    You can't have multiple items in the same group that'll have different threshold/fallback values. No two items will always have the same market value, so if you want to use market value you have to separate each item into its own group.

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    Ok, thanks for the reply.



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