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    TSM Accounting: Black screen

    Hi all!

    If posted somewhere else already, sorry.. couldnt find the topic! But I have a small prob with accounting, wich i love Its just that all the screens are black/dark grey.

    Now Ive looked in the options of it, and I cant seem to find a button where i can set up the color for that (or im reading it wrong ) Maybe its supposed to be like this! I dunno. But atm it looks like a phone that has its backlight broken...

    Is there a way for set this lighter? So I dont have to put my nose almost on the screen to be able to see whats on there?

    Thnx in advance!!


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    It's your skinning mod.

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    if you are using elvui
    type /ec
    go to skins and select ACE3 from dropdown and untick enable

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    Ah cool yep using elvui! Thought it was something like it, but couldnt find it Thnx guys!! + rep



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