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    Feature suggestion for TSM_Crafting!

    Hey guys, I was thinking of adding a second filter option on the values of crafted items.

    For example, I like to use the WoWuction regional median value for items I craft - I use the auctiondb realm market value for my mat prices. This determines on average which items are profitable for me to make region wide with the mat costs on my realm... FANTASTIC!

    However, what this doesn't take into account is that the minimum buyout on my realm might currently be lower than my auctioning threshold (115% of crafting cost) - this leads to me having loads of items in my bags that I can't sell until the market adjusts. (I'm not a hardcore goblin so I CBA with resetting markets etc).

    Don't get me wrong the addon absolutely fantastic and I couldn't play without it! I'd would however like to have an additional filter in the crafting options that would allow me to disable crafts where the current lowest buyout is below my auctioning threshold.

    Many thanks for all the hardwork you guys put in!

    EDIT: Just wanted to clarify I know we can set the crafted item values to that of the lowest buyout, but if for example someone has posted a crappy item at a ridiculously high amount TSM will assume it's a profitable item, where as really it's crap that won't ever sell for that amount - which is why I think being able to set two filters is the way to go.
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    TSM_Shopping => Quick Posting => would be nice if you added default undercut option there also.

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    Could you allow Categories to be added to the Mailing list, not just groups. I have all my glyphs and enchants in their individual groups, within a large "glyph" or "enchant" category. I would prefer to be able to add these large categories to the list rather than having to add each group.

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    How about an option to not post an item if there are fewer then x of it in your inventory (so that you alsway keep a minimum of an item in stock)

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    Keep Invetory

    A lot of times I find myself with excessive amounts of different materiels and ingredients. I want to sell them, but keep a stack in reserve in case I need to make something in the future. Can you add a group setting to "Keep X" and it will not reduce my bag inventory below this number? Thanks.

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    How about an export to csv/tab delimited/text (or anything else human readable) button on the TSM crafting restock list? Alternatively an import/export through a TSM format (kinda like groups) would work too.

    Keepign up with auctioning and crafting is starting to eat into my playtime a lot and I'd like to be able to offload certain restocks to a 3rd party player who's willing to do bulk crafts for me for a small per-craft fee if I provide mats. To this end I need a way to post a list of things to craft (based on my restock list) into an email or forum post.

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    Wooden Staf

    It appears that Plain Wooden Staff is being shopped for by a Crafting Mats search. It should be purchased from a vendor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minister View Post
    It appears that Plain Wooden Staff is being shopped for by a Crafting Mats search. It should be purchased from a vendor.
    any item will be searched on the ah in a crafting search - just because you can buy from a vendor it doesnt mean that it should be discluded (someone may have stupidly posted it cheaper)
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    Please separate milling/prospecting/de into separate buttons! Right now you have to click 'open destroyer' macro then choose milling or prospecting, and only then you can press your destroy button. If you click on your 'click destroyerButton' macro before opening the window, it glitches out. Can you please make it so we could have separate buttons for each action and use it right away without the need to open destroyer window Speed could be a setting in options...
    Also a bug: sometimes after clicking for a while button stops working and remains pressed in, destroyer needs to be reloaded

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    Not sure if this is possible, but lately I've been wishing TSM had a feature like this... if you base your fallback on any % (crafting cost, TUJ, AuctionDB, etc) an option you can toggle that will round up to the nearest whole gold (only for fallbacks). That way things look nice and neat (yes i'm OCD) and also doesnt look like an addon posted it.



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