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    Quote Originally Posted by Raistlan View Post
    There have been at least two of us who are asking for this functionality, as well. As it is now, trying to sell items for transmogrification at any sort of scale is very difficult; involving filling bags with non-stackable items, searching the name of the item set, sorting by name, then comparing the lowest price from all of the random suffixes that happen to be posted, buying the items that are posted for a lot less than the price level you want to post at, then posting each of your items at a manually calculated undercut if the lowest price is above the minimum of what you're willing to list at.

    Basically all the tedium and manual steps that the Post Scan makes so much easier for most items still has to be done for the transmog market.

    At some point, it may be more efficient for me to dive into the Posting code to see if it queries by item id and then adding a way to flag whether to chop off anything from the first ":" on. For example, I have a Sundered Helmet of the Elder in my bags, with an itemlink of 24898:0:0:0:0:0:-44:1025376309; I would like to flag the Auctioning Group/Category that I have this item in to just query the itemid 24898 for prices, and then continue the normal Posting logic with the returned prices.

    Again, this would be a huge quality of life improvement for me and, presumably anyone who tries to sell items for transmogrification use.
    At least are the operative words there, I'm sure there's many many more of us. I'll start a thread to try and give people an appreciation for how awesome this additional functionality would be.
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    Something that bothers me to no end, that would make the addon 10times easier and less stressfull to use (unless it's already doable and I don't know how) would be to add a possibility to stop the shopping scan when browsing for materials.Lemme explain why this is super-bothersome for me:

    Let's say I need to shop for inks, I need midnights jadefire ink and ink of the sea, I go and open the crafting mats tab of the auction house and BAM the addon starts searching for the first one in the list, well no biggie, let's wait.Then I check the others and realize nothing is selling at a good price now besides the inks of the sea, but I?m not really sure if I want to buy them all now, so I'll buy some, go check my mail and go back to the crafting mats starts again the search for midnight inks, which I already know no one is selling right now at a reasonable price, and I can't stop it.

    Sometimes this gets really long since the first search might be quite long or I might have to go check my mail often just because I like to be safe or for any other reason(maybe I can get 10 inks cheap now and then I want to check if the blackfallow were in my range price...or maybe I'll just miss 10 and want to shop out at a loss)

    It would help loads to be able to stop the first search I'd say.

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    A small request here;

    Making an option in the general settings to be able to use a default view when you are Posting stuff. To either have default view on "Show Item Auctions", "Show All Auctions" or "Show Log". I personally like using the "Show Item Auctions", so would like that to be my first view when pushing on "Post Auctions". Thank you.

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    Great addon, very complex to setup, sometimes little buggy, maybe its just me i would like the option to see when you are shopping for crafting mats, another color for the mats you already have, but on alt. Now, if you have the mats anywhere on an alt its yellow and it will not be shopped for, that is understandable but i dont wanna relog for 1 crystallized fire. So another color (light/dark yellow) to see if you have the mats on this toon, and the standard option is to shop for it if you dont have the mats on the toon. Going crazy now, relogging toons, mailing, bank, mail etc. i also see thi suggestion before to add smelting as a proffession, i didnt seee any feedback on that request, i would like that feature. but if it aint happening for some reason let us know.

    Other problem is that i sometimes craft thing suggested by tsm and when i try to post it, it says thet there are cheaper auctions, i know that i can change the option in crafting mats to set both to minium buyout, byt that isnt a very good idea either, geuss you know why, third option in crafting option perhaps?

    Love the addon, lost a lot of money to setup the crafts and learning the addon, but now i am making profit.

    for crafting seup i would like a 3rd option.

    only craft if auction BD- minium buyout > 110% crafting cost

    something like that
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    I would like to suggest bring back the gatherer feature that directed you to the toons for a specific profession's mats that are cued.
    My primary money making strat is buying mats low, crafting and selling products high.
    Gatherer was VERY helpful in this regard. In fact, even just a DISPLAY of a suggested "toon path" for a profession would be very helpful.
    This would not be necessary IF I would ALWAYS purchase EVERY mat for EVERY profession at the AH and craft away (although it is still far more time-consuming now hunting through the tooltips in the crafting window to see who has what). But in actual practice I may not have all mats for all products at a given time, even if they are cued up. The result, with the current item tracker and warehouse modules, is that I either transfer items that are not needed YET, or have to manually select and mail anyway. A workaround would be to just cue, buy and move one profession at a time, but with all professions maxed this is a major addition in time by a factor of the number of professions crafting. (Before I could cue and buy for all, and use gatherer to distribute ALL mats one toon at a time and, if done in the right order have all crafted in one "lap" of the toons)
    I hope this post makes sense. This suite is tremendous and I have been a big fan, but for those like myself, who craft for profit, this is taking a tremendous amount of additional time, and time is gold my friend! :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Callah View Post
    Some Lost Functionality compared to the Beta
    When the TSM functioned in the side panel I would routinely run a cancel or post scan while still being able to use my Browse, Bid , Auction tabs while the scan or post continued. With the release version having its own tab you lose that functionality since when you switch to another tab TSM defaults back to the search button and stops its scanning or posting.

    You lose the list of data that was just scanned for as well if you change tabs and then return to TSM.

    The ability to do other things while TSM posted or scanned to cancel was one of the most time efficient multi-tasking abilities that this addon offered. I find TSM to be everything that you guys were aiming for and more !! I hope to see the functionality returned to the Release - tab based version in the future

    PS - I think the scan/post stops because the default is to return to the search function whenever the tab is clicked or clicked away from
    + 1 please, also have it arranged alphabetically would be great. Thanks
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    I just downloaded tsm for the first time, and can't figure out how to display the crafting things on my auction alt. She doesn't craft, she just sits in if and buys and sells. The other alts are the crafters, and they never go to the auction house - she mails them what they need and they mail finished items to her. it says I have to have the crafting window open to enable the crafting mod of tsm. she doesn't have any crafting windows, except cooking. Is there a way to set her up as a master with all the crafts the others have maxed out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xicuter View Post
    + 1 please, also have it arranged alphabetically would be great. Thanks
    @xicuter, @Callah - detach the TSM tab and you can look at browse, bid, auctions tabs on ah window while scan running

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    Newest version doesn't work with Aurora. Release preview version did

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    Hide results above Dealfinding price

    Some paint-work ^^

    Just wanted to ask if it'd be possible to include a faster way to switch "Hide results above Dealfinding price" ON/OFF

    I usually set it to hide everything that's above the price, but sometimes it's nice to see see other items as well (for example in case there are no items below the threshold)

    Or another possibility:
    Add a tick-box (or however it's called) for each of the dealfinder-list items.

    Example: Show Maelstrom Crystal no matter what price it's listed, but only show Heavenly Shard in case it's below 80g/ea
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