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    Gathering not collecting tooltip info from guild bank

    Starting dabbling with a second account, and noticed that gathering isn't collecting any information regarding the goods on the guild bank except if the toon is GM.

    Is this a limitation on blizzard's frame, or a bug?
    The second toon has full access to the guild bank, but can't seem to collect any data, even after i go through all the tabs on the banks. As soon as i make it GM of the guild, i get the info on the tooltip.

    Obviously this has repercussions on the crafting queues, that's why i noticed it, since my JC queue on the second account kept getting the max defined threshold, even when there were gems in the guild bank.

    edit: Forgot to mention, Crafting, Gathering 0.2.2Beta, TSM r199

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    fixed in v0.2.3Beta of gathering

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