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    Auctioning price threshold question

    Looking for some help understanding something please!

    I'm trying to post some glyphs I've bought the mats for and crafted.

    My undercut is set to 1c.

    I've set the minimum price threshold to 105% of crafting cost to ensure I don't post at too low a price.

    The Tradeskillmaster info tooltip for a particular glyph tells me the min buyout for the glyph is 16g79s98c.

    The tooltip also tells me the crafting cost is 8g and profit is 8g - all looking good so far!

    The Advanced Price Setting reset method is set to Don't Post Items when market is under my threshold.

    When I do a "Auctioning - Post" the glyph doesn't post - which confuses me greatly.

    To test I changed the reset method to Post at Threshold. Now when I do "Auctioning - Post" it does try to post - but at a price of 19g95s.

    Like I said, I'm greatly confused by this - there's a profit to be made by posting here, and the tooltip seems to know it, but when I try to post it obviously thinks the threshold is much higher than the 105% of crafting cost I've set.

    I would expect this to post at 16g79s97c and if I get undercut to then re-post during my next cancel scan/re-post cycle at a lower price all the way down to the 8g crafting cost + 5%, so 8g40s.

    So I'm guessing I've got my setup wrong somewhere, any ideas?

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    My guess would be you have multiple items in that group and that not all the items in the group have the same mats (and thus the same crafting cost). Everything in a group must have the same settings and price range so if you want to use % of crafting cost for the threshold / fallback items need to be split into multiple groups so that they are only grouped with other items that have the exact same mats (and thus crafting cost).

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    Thanks for the response, interesting!



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