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    TSM - Shopping / Mat Prizes

    Hi there !

    First of all thanks for the awsome material i can find on this forum !

    I wondered if there's any way to set TSM up so that next things apply :

    1) When shopping for the shopping que, don't allow to buy items that are above the mat cost from the database. (or at least give a warning prompt)

    eg for glyphs/inks;
    TSM calculates profits based on what mat prizes cost (duh?!), i do a restock que and head off for the AH, now lets assume that Glyph A needs 3 lion's inks, that are valued at 5g each. Now, when I do a shop for crafing mats, the cheapest mat available for me (be it in herbs/inks) , will cost me 6g/ink. I'd like to set up TSM so that I'd get a promt that warns me for this.

    2) Same for shopping to mill/DE/prospect , a prompt whenever I'd buy anything that's above the current "mat prize" in the DB.

    ANy way to do this automaticly, other than be aware of outrageous prizes myself ?

    Thx in advance for the replies !

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    This is not currently implemented but will be in the future.

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    Well, getting the best price for shopping would be easier if you have the sites list and the brand you want. I am sure this will help you get the best and reasonable price for your needs. That would an amazing way to know the tips in shopping mats.



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