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    Profession crafts gone wonky: alchemy crafts under BS -- blasphemy!

    Not sure if this is due to the latest v0.2.12Beta release or just some random freak occurence, but:

    It started like this:
    1) Attempting to post rods on another toon and being unable to as all BS crafts were invalid and didn't recognise these rods as crafts.
    2) Checking BS in the TSM proffessions, no crafts are listed for BS.
    3) I log my BS toon and do a Force Rescan. Great, the crafts are there now, but I will have to tick what I want to be queued again. No biggie. But ... Alchemy stuff in the Others category ...
    4) I open the Craft Management Window. Alchemy stuff! And the restock does queue some of them.
    5) I log my alchemy toon to do a rescan of Alchemy in case it'll make a difference.
    6) Logs BS toon. Still Alchemy stuff.
    7) I enable/tick a BS craft (Ebonsteel Belt Buckle) and press Restock Queue. It appears in the queue but the Alchemy stuff are still there with it.

    I use the same Crafting profile across all toons, if that could be contributing factor.
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    force a rescan of your professions (especially BS)

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