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    no marketprice/profit status for many enchanting patterns in TSM_crafting

    ok so in the pic i have shown there is a number of patterns that crafting does not show to have a market value or projected profit. looks like this is because there is no auctions already up by anybody else to have a base for crafting to pull from. so i guess my question is, since i use Auctionator, is there a way for TSM_crafting to pull from the auctionator 'seen this before at this price' price and list it anyway? or would the only option for me be to make a hard override with a static price.

    i see a option that sounds like it would be affiliated, but i am still a rather new TSM user and this option doesnt seem to work the way i think it would like what i put above. i am referring to /TSM --> Crafting Options --> Craft Management Tab --> 'Unknown Profit Queing' set to 'Set Market Value to Auctioning Fallback'. it says it will show in light blue color in the craft management window, but no effect seems to happen when i select this.

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    Do you have any of those items in an Auctioning group? That setting will take the fallback from the Auctioning group and use it as the sell price (shown as "market value" in that screen) for the item. If the item isn't in an Auctioning group, it won't show anything.

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    I have noticed this usually happens when there are none of those items on the AH currently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thefluffyrocker View Post
    I have noticed this usually happens when there are none of those items on the AH currently.
    To expand on this a little, there have been several instances of me adding an 'old' enchant to an auctioning group but fail to post due to fallback/threshold values for that group being wrong. This usually occurs, as has been pointed out, when there are none of that item on the AH for any scan data to have picked up on it. These are my favorites; assuming they are items that will actually sell, I get to manually set the (high) entry price for it.



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