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    Macro-able script for "Craft Next"?

    Hello there. I'm curios if there is any command that can be macroed and clicking it would yield the same result as clicking the Craft Next button. I'm asking this because I'm using Keyclone to mill/prospect while watching a movie and would like to do the same when crafting stuff, it gets really annoying when I have to alt-tab every time and click it.

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    You can do /framestack to find the name of a frame.

    /click TSMCraftNextButton

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    That macro does work. I have a macro for that + the TSM cancel/post actions.

    How's Keyclone working out for you? I'm using AHK but it's problematic with 4 WoW clients open at the same time, it only sends keystrokes to two other clients. Guess I'll try out Keyclone when I get home.

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    I can vouch for keyclone. I've been using it for a few years now and just the depth of the tool and the massive variety of options make it a great tool. I've ran 4 wow clients (one on each monitor, each with a PiP) and it can do some amazing key-combination feats, sending specific keypresses to the places you want them to go, and more importantly NOT sending specific keypresses that you don't want to go anywhere, or doing keypresses in a round-robin type fashion or... Well, it can do everything you want.

    I've even recently started using it with Rift. I didn't expect it to work, but it does. Totally worth the very small price tag.

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    Just wanted to push this for those who forget about this makro, like me, and clarify that it works with , especially useful for large enchanting- and glyph-queues.



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