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    Really odd posting occurance

    Not that it's a big deal, but something really strange happened to me while shuffling.

    On my JC/Ench, I was making jewelery to disenchant, I also post my enchanting mats on the toon, and (after it sold) I noticed that tsm posted a hessonite band at the same price as the dust that was going up. I was probably crafting at the time it was posting, so I think that may have been the issue. Something like it posting dusts and the stack running out, the slot being filled was a hessonite band, and it grabbing from the same spot or something, idk. I've got the SS from when I noticed it sold if you want it, but I doubt I could ever repeat it. Just thought I'd share.

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    Yea...if it's queued some items to post and all of the sudden those items aren't there anymore...I could see how something like this could happen.

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    It was only a green ring, so I'm not heartbroken, just wanted to let people know it can happen. Who knows, someone could be crafting some BoE epics and poof one sells for 6g or something. Was certainly a surprise when I saw it, had a good laugh at how perplexed I was.



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