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    Can you order the crafting items in the Restock Queue?

    Apologies if this has been answered before. I searched but could not find it.

    The crafting window (left pane) can be ordered by Market Value, Profit (gold), and Profit (%). But is there a way to also order the actual crafting restock queue (right pane) by these same parameters? Or a similar question: what decides the order or the restock queue in the right crafting pane?

    I am asking, because I don't always have enough mats to restock everything. In that case I'd like to know that the crafting will be done in the order of most profitable (%) to least. Right now I have to look that up in the left window, and then click the crafts in the correct order manually in the right window.


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    As far as i know you can't directly do this but if i am short on material i open up the dropdown menus in the left hand crafting list so they are in profit order and can manually remove the lowest profit items until you have enough material to craft everything left in the queue.

    Thats more of a workaround but i would agree that a way to order the actual craft queue into profit order would be nice to.

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    Current it's sorted first by whether or not you have the mats in the following order:

    1. Have enough mats to make all of craft X that's queued.
    2. Have enough mats to make some of craft X that's queued.
    3. Have enough of some of the mats. For example you have all the ink but not the parchment.
    4. Not enough of any of the mats (ie everything else).

    After that it's sorted by quantity queued and then spellID.

    Sorting by profit isn't really feasible right now, mainly because of all the calculations that already go into making the queue and the amount of extra processing it would take for it to calculate the profit for every craft in the queue. In the future all that code may be rewritten in a better way that'll allow for configuring what it's sorted by.

    Have you tried using the on-hand queue? It simply queues up the most profitable items based on what mats you have in your bags. It's not as configurable and may queue items below your restock queue min profit but might be easier to go through and de-queue all the the not-very-profitable crafts than what you are currently doing.

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    Thanks for the quick replies.

    Good to know how the items are sorted. Too bad I can't sort it the way I want, but I'll definitely manage.

    I do something similar as Fluffyrocker, except that I don't remove anything least profitable. I rather craft the most protitable base don the list in the left pane, and noticed that that automatically puts it at the top of my list afterwards on the right pane.

    That'll work for now.



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