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    TSM Posting way above Market Price.

    The tool-tip of the item shows the Market Price as 26g. The auction add-on is posting it for 82g. Is this how it's supposed to work? How do I fix it?

    All my groups share these options.

    I've never had this problem before 4.1

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    Is that the only item in that group? If you are using a % of auctionDB you can only have one item per group because everything in the group has to have the same threshold / fallback amount and no 2 items will have the same auctionDB market value / min buyout all the time. Also, in that screen shot, 100% of the market value (threshold) is greater than 100% of min buyout (fallback). Having a threshold that is higher than the fallback is never a good thing.

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    Ohhh.. So if I want multiple items with a % of auctionDB, I need to make a separate group for each? Alright, thanks.

    Also, thanks for that tip. I'll be sure to make it lower.



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